About Us


"Bundle of Joy" is a team of natural light professional photographers who specialize in the fine art of newborn, kid and maternity portraiture. We understand that each child is different and hence use a lot of patience, tact and creativity in capturing the different strokes of your bundle of joy.

Our aim is to capture your child before it grows into adulthood in a memorabilia! We want you to be able to go down the memory lane and not just be reminded of your bundle of joy, but almost hear it giggle. This desire inspired us to pursue this genre of photography that we all love.

Kids tend to get conscious, uncomfortable and cranky when clicked in the harsh lights of the studio. Our team of enthusiastic photographers know how much drama and work goes into getting portraits done for family or children. What they also know is that memories are not made out of the obvious posed shots but candid cheerful natural smiles. We understand the time and commitment that it takes to get the kind of images that one would love and want to hang in one's own home and be grateful for when they are in their 80s. As your photographer we will do everything in our capacity to capture the true essence of each child be it the first tooth, sparkle in the eye or the innocent smile all through laughter and play!

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